Q: Where is the closest airport?
A: The closest airport is in Lisbon 90km South, Porto is 200km North, from both you have highway all the way to Peniche.
Q: How do I get from Lisbon to Peniche and Baleal?
A: The cheapest way (also easy) is by bus to Peniche. We provide free transfer from/to Peniche bus terminal to Baleal from 10:00 to 19:00. Ask for the details to travel from Lisbon when you book. On your confirmation e-mail there will be up to date informations to find the bus station to Peniche from Lisbon airport. Click here to see more about traveling to Peniche.
Q: Who I call to get picked up when I arrive in Peniche?
A: Please call +351 262750515 or +351 963820185 on your arrival by bus to Peniche we’ll pick you up and bring to the camp, for free from 10:00 to 19:00. If by any chance we are all busy please take a taxi to: Surf House in Baleal; address Rua Amigos do Baleal 2, 2520-052 Ferrel-Peniche.
Q: Where is the closest restaurants?
A: The closest restaurants are a short walking distance from the hostel and all the other lodges. There are restaurants within walking distance such as Bar do Bruno and Gauchão da Picanha.
You’ll find plenty of good options for traditional Portuguese food and obviously the fish and seafood, some recommended restaurants include Tasca do Joel, Mirandum or the Sushi in Baleal.
Q: How much costs a dinner in a restaurant?
A: Between 10eur up to 15eur to 25eur if you drink some wine!
Q: How much does a beer cost?
A: About 0,50eur in a supermarket, 1,50eur at a bar, 2,50eur in a club.
Q: Where can I find a supermarket?
A: The nearest is a short walking distance from all the lodges. It is called Amanhecer is open all year round and has ATM, Café and internet service. In Peniche 5km from our location you’ll find larger chains like LIDL, Pingo Doce or Intermarché.
Q: Can I walk to the beach from the accommodation?
A: Yes. The beach is 3 to 5 min walking distance from all the lodges of Baleal Surfcamp.
Q: Are you opened year round?
A: Yes. We just close for a short holiday period during January and some days around Christmas.
Q: Does your camp have people from different nationalities?
A: Yes. Our camp has people from all over the world but mainly from Europe.
Q: What’s the average age of the camp’s guests?
A: The average age is 26 years old.
Q: I’m a solo traveller, will I have people to talk/meet when I’m there?
A: Yes, surely! Most of our guests are solo travellers and some small groups and couples.
Q: Do you have different types of boards?
A: Yes. We have a variety of surfboards that range from short to long boards, softops for beginners.
Q: Can I try different types of boards during my stay?
A: Yes, provided there are available you can use different surf boards.
Q: Should I make an insurance before traveling?
A: Yes. But if you are part of EU you can apply for the European Health Card at your home country, this will give you access to the public hospitals medical assistance for a reduced cost. A private insurance is recommended however.
Q: Does your price includes an insurance?
A: Yes, Our rates include a sport accident insurance coverage valid for accidents during our surf classes.



Q: How do I book?
A: Send us an e-mail with your preferred dates and package wanted or fill in one of our booking page. We’ll check availability and get back to you with details and booking confirmation procedure. Special requirements or relevant informations for your booking should be mentioned on the notes detail box.
Q: Can I choose a custom package or do I have to stick to the packages offered?
A: Yes, you can choose a custom package. Just ask us what you want and we’ll tell you if it’s possible and how much it costs. There are options for room upgrade, request info or check our price list. If you are interested see here our surf packages.
Q: How do I know that my reservation is confirmed?
A: You will receive an  e-mail with the confirmation of your booked details, remaining balance due on arival, and informations to travel to Peniche and Baleal and check in.



Q: What are the accommodation options?

A: You can stay in Hostel or Private apartment if you prefer less people around.

Q: Can I have a massage while staying at Baleal Surf Camp?
A: Yes. Click here for massage service information.
Q: Do you provide linen and blankets?
A: Yes. The prices include the bed linen and blankets.
Q: Can I wash my clothes?
A: Yes. The camp provides a laundry service for 5EUR/kg.
Q: The price includes towels?
Private apartment: Yes.
Hostel: No, but you can hire a set of Hand & Shower towel for 10€.

Q: What other services are there available for the guests at Baleal Surf Camp in Peniche?
A: There are services available for our guests exclusively. Click here to see available and cost of services & extras.
Q: Can I cook meals in the lodges?
A: Yes. All lodges have equipped kitchens for self-catering, you must leave the kitchen clean after using it.
Q: Can I drink tap water?
A: Yes.
Q: Is there a place to leave valuable personal objects?
A: Yes. Both hostels have lockers to keep personal/valuable objects. Staying in a twin or double room you’ll have a key to the room.
Q: Can I access the internet or WiFi?
A: Yes. Both hostels have free WiFi and at the reception you can access internet for free too. There is as well WiFi at the Surf Centre & Surf School areas.




Q: What’s the distance to the nearest surf spot in Peniche?
A: We are located at the north end of the Peniche Peninsula in Baleal beach. The nearest spots are Baía and Cantinho da Baía, just 2min walking from our lodges. Within 5min walking distance you’ll find at least 5 spots that work with different swell and wind conditions. See Peniche Baleal Surf Spots.

Q: I’m a beginner, can I find in Peniche a spot that suits me?
A: Yes. Due to the geography of the coastline of Baleal and Peniche, there is almost always a spot adequate for any kind of level. Truly considered the most consistent surf area in Europe. Peniche has a wide range of surf spots great for beginners, the sandy peninsula ensures just that.

Q: I’m an intermediate surfer. Is there in Peniche and Baleal spots that suits me?
A: Yes. Due to the geography of the coastline of Peniche larger and Baleal smaller peninsulas there is almost always a spot adequate for any kind of level. There are loads of beach breaks but also wedges, reefs, mixed and point breaks, unparalleled diversity in a short range, we call it 15 Km miracle.

Q: I’m an intermediate surfer and want to make a weeklong surfcamp in Peniche, will I be with the beginners?
A: No. We separate the guests accordingly to surfing levels. At Baleal Surf Camp we have 4 levels, 0 for absolute beginner up to 4 for an advanced/intermediate.

Q: I’m a beginner surfer, will I’ll be surfing reefs?
A: No. We keep beginners surfers exclusively in sandy beaches due to safety reasons.

Q: I’m an absolute beginner surfer, will I be surfing with fibreglass surfboards?
A: No. We only use soft-boards for beginners.

Q: What is the usual size of the waves in Baleal, Peniche?
A: The swell ranges from the 0.5m to 4m depending on the season. Usually the winter swells are bigger and the summer swells are smaller. Even on the big swells you can find a sheltered spot due to the geography of this peninsulas. See Spots.

Q: Are the tides a factor to bear in mind?
A: Yes. The tides can range up to 4m. Usually the mid tides are the most consistent for most spots but some spots really work better with a specific tide. For example while Cantinho da Baía works with the high tide, Supertubos is better at mid to low.

Q: I’m travelling in the summer, what wetsuit should I wear?
A: Most of the year the water temperature is around 17ºC (3/2 wetsuit or short). During the summer specially July/August it can get up to 20ºC and a short would be enough. In the winter it can get down as low as 14ºC and a full 4/3 or 3/3 is recommended.



Q: Can I have classes if I’m travelling alone?
A: Yes. There is no minimum number of participants for the classes to be held.
Q: What does the Surfcamp pack include?
A: A week of Surfcamp Package includes: chosen accommodation, surf lessons from Monday to Friday, 4 hours a day, including equipment and transfers to the spots, video analysis, individual sport insurance provided by the camp and some extra activities.
Q: Do we get to try different spots during a week of Surf School?
A: Yes. There is a weekly surf trip to some spot within the region and besides that participants will be transferred to other spots if there is no local spot with conditions for the classes.
Q: Can i bring my own wetsuit and surfboard?
A: Yes. If you bring your own equipment you’ll have a discount on Surfcamp package prices up to 10%.
Q: Can i access the internet while I’m in the camp?
A: Yes. We have access to the web @ our office (free 15min/day). We’re also connected wireless at the beach bar and at the both hostels and the majority of our apartments and Villas.



Q: How do I get from Peniche to Baleal Surf Camp when I arrive?
A: Give us a call to 00351 262750535 or 00351 963820185 and we’ll pick you up at the bus station free of charge from 10:00 to 19:00.

Q: How to go around in Baleal and Peniche?
A: We have a bike rental service if you want to go around by yourself. There are regular buses between Baleal and Peniche. A taxi will cost 6eur from Peniche to Baleal.
Q: Where is the nearest beach/spot from the camp?
A: The nearest beach/spots are Baía and Cantinho da Baía, just 100m away.
Q: Where is the closest beach bar?
A: Just walk down to our Beach Bar and enjoy the sun and the sea! 200m away dirtection Baleal/Ferrel you’ll find Bar da Praia and Danau. In Baleal “island” you have the Café Central and on the way to Ferrel you’ll find Cocktail Bar.
Q: Where is the nearest ATM?
A: It’s just across the street from the Surf House at the Supermarket Amanhecer, open all year round with Café, ATM and Internet service.
Q: Where is the nearest Hospital?
A: It’s in Peniche, 5km. In Ferrel (2km) and Atouguia da Baleia (4km) there are local health extensions. 20Km from Baleal there is Caldas da Rainha Hospital, the regional District Hospital with full services and Paediatric Service.
Q: Should I make an insurance before traveling?
A: We recomend so.