“Amazing surf camp experience”

I joined the family surf camp in July 2019 with my 10 years old son and 8 years old daughter. We were the only family in the camp and in the beginning I was not sure if I’ll be able to leave the kids and go surfing on my own but the instructors were so friendly, open and skilled so the kids felt comfortable without me standing near and holding their hands 🙂 My goal was to show my children what the surfing is about and give them a chance to like it so that some years later we could surf together. Now I see that I’ve chosen the right first school to achieve the goal – the Baleal Surfcamp 🙂 We are planning to come back next summer and repeat.
Many thanks to our instructors Gonsalo and Lucia!
The staff in the camp was also very friendly and helpful.


So we all definitely had an amazing week with the Baleal Surfcamp. See you in 2020! 🙂

Stayed: July 2019