The team of the Baleal Surf Camp consists on a mix of local and international people. Many members have been working with us for several years or seasons.

Have a look and see who will welcome you at Baleal Surf Camp in 2019.

Bruno Bairros

Founder and manager of Baleal Surf Camp. Bruno’s been surfing in Peniche since the age of sevens and running Baleal Surf Camp since 1993. He is an experienced surfing instructor with a 2nd level degree from the Portuguese Surfing Federation and a life guard certificate. He graduated in International Relations and applied the theory to surfing…

Head Instructors

Gonçalo Lavado

Gonçalo was born in Leiria, Portugal. He’s a cool guy and really patience.

He is certified with level 1 by ISA + Beach Lifeguard and Emergency First Aid Instrutor and also the surf instructor course level 1 & 2 from the Portuguese Surfing Federation.

During his spare time, he likes to relax with the family and friends.

Pedro Soares

Natural from Leiria, Pedro always had an addiction to the sea. He studied sports in general and did a postgraduate in Surf & Performance. He is also Certified with level 1 by ISA also Beach Lifeguard and Emergency First Aid Instrutor.

When he is not close to the sea he really likes to go to the forest being in contact with the nature and collect some mushrooms for dinner.

Daniel Chibante

Daniel was born in Santos, Brasil. He moved to Portugal in 2001 and he hasn’t left since then. When he’s not teaching or surfing he likes to spend time doing some handcrafted art and playing the bass.

He is Certified with level 1 by ISA and also Beach Lifeguard and Emergency First Aid Instructor.

Nuno Dias aka Moreno 

Nuno was born in Lisbon and spent most of his life working as a professional photographer. Connected with surf since he was a kid, he left his professional photography career and moved to Baleal to live a relaxed lifestyle.

He likes to spend time hanging out with friends having a good conversation and off course laughing.

André Figueiras

André was born in Setúbal, a city south of Lisbon. Since he was a kid he used to go surfing and skating with friends. Later he moved to Peniche to study and he got addicted to this lifestyle. Nowadays he’s really into teaching surfing and in his free time he likes to go on adventures, travel and spend time fixing cars and motorcycles. He’s really friendly and will help you the most he can.

He is Certified with level 1 by ISA also Beach Lifeguard and Emergency First Aid Instructor.

Surf Center

Filipe Fonseca

Filipe was born in Atalaia, a small village south of Peniche. Following in his father’s footsteps, Filipe loves to spend time fishing and searching for seafood. Working with us since 2 years ago, he’s a funny person and really helpful. If during your stay you need help or advices regarding surf and equipment, he is the guy to talk to.


Jessica Baars

Jessica is the reception manager. She was born in Helmond, Holland but she’s half Portuguese half Dutch.

She’s a really friendly and funny person and she loves to travel and walk on the beach.
If you need any information or help, she is the one you need to talk to.


Marta Fonseca

Originally from Atalaia, Lourinhã, she started to work with us as the surf school manager, but nows she’s managing the bookings and reservations department.
Marta studied Social Comunication in Leiria and then she used these excellent communication skills to manage a beach bar and she was also a lifeguard for 8 years.

During her free time she likes to play football, going to concerts and of course being close to the beach.

 Marketing & Media

Miguel Pereira

Miguel is originally from Torres Vedras. In 2006 he moved to Peniche to study Touristic Marketing, since then he never left.

He has worked in other positions in Baleal Surf Camp in the past and since 2013 he has been handling the marketing and communication of the company. Besides this he also likes to go to the water teaching.

During his free time he loves to play music and longboarding with friends.

Ricardo Francisco

Ricardo was born and raised in Peniche. Working with us as videographer since 2013, his local knowledge and connetion to the ocean makes him capture the most amazing moments.

During his free time he likes to be close to nature taking some pictures and walking his dog. He’s really helpfull and will give you some pointers.

He is not certified by ISA, but his camera have ISO 🙂

Finantial Department

Berta Farto

Berta was born in Peniche. She started to work with us in 2013 and since then she has been really helpful in the financial department.

She’s a really open minded person and during her free time she likes to walk on the beach and watch the amazing Peniche sunsets. She also loves to travel to meet new cultures and people.