Azores Surf trip 2024 Edition

Enjoy the same outstanding surf sessions you’ve come to love with the staff that feels like family.

Book between MAY 26th to June 2nd

Introducing the Azores Surf Trip 2024 Edition – an exclusive surf experience that combines the thrill of quality surf sessions with the experience of the staff you know and love.


Arrival dates: the 25th or 26th of May.

Departure dates: the 1st or 2nd of June

Shared Accommodation


Shared Accommodation with private toilet


São Jorge

One of the nine volcanic islands in the Azores archipelago, Portugal, is a hidden gem that captivates visitors with its dramatic landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and a tranquil atmosphere. The island is characterized by deep ravines, soaring cliffs, and fertile valleys, shaped by volcanic activity over the centuries. São Jorge’s distinct topography provides a captivating backdrop for exploration, attracting nature enthusiasts, hikers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The central spine of the island is dominated by the Pico da Esperança, the highest point on São Jorge, offering panoramic views of the surrounding ocean and neighboring islands.

Expect the same laid-back vibes, brotherhood, and passion for surfing that defines our surf trips.

Where we gonna Stay?

A restored rural house located in Fajã de Santo Cristo. After a walk and a dip in the waterfall, a dive in the lake or after riding some waves. The house have three bedrooms (option of double or single beds) with private WC, two mezzanines and one open-space.

Surf in São Jorge

One of the notable surf spots on São Jorge is Fajã de Santo Cristo, a picturesque bay surrounded by steep cliffs and lush vegetation. The waves here are powerful and consistent, offering an exciting challenge for surfers of various skill levels. The stunning backdrop of the cliffs and the Atlantic horizon adds a surreal element to the surfing experience, making it a truly memorable adventure.


There’s basically two world class waves at this location:

– A right hander right at the entrance, called Direita do Paço can be a mellow long wave, the most functional wave of S. Jorge. Easy acess, with a comfortable channel to get in and out.

– The powerfull left hander Lago do Linho, it´s the queen wave of S. Jorge, with steep drop and fast and furious speed down the line.

How is the surf in Summer?

Check out the team’s last year’s surf trip.

Surf trip Azores - balealsurfcamp

Relevant information:

1 – São Jorge Island has a small airport, and only propeller airplanes are able to land here. Therefore, expect to have a connecting flight from one of the two main airports in the archipelago, either from Terceira Island or São Miguel Island. There are already a few European cities with direct flights to the main Azorean island, São Miguel. Otherwise, you will need to take one of the several daily flights from Lisbon to Terceira or São Miguel.

2 – Being in the midlle of the atlantic ocean the wave forecast is totally unpredicatble, so eventually we can face stormy conditions.
3 – Due to the remote location Fajã S. Cristo, it´s quite isolated, so dont expect to have any supermarket, restaurants or shops. It´s possible to arrange a supermarket transfer to get some extra items. The house as the capacity to store fresh food and groceries.
4 – Internet, tap water and elecricity available.
5 – Taxi driver will be waiting for you in the airport to take you to us.
6 – There´s no car acess to the fajã, so the táxi will drop you in the last acessible road where a Baleal Surf Camp team element  will be waiting for you. From there your luggage will be transported by a Quad 4×4. Prepare yourself to walk 30 minutes in a path trail to reach your final destination immersed in an incredible natural scenery.

Included in Azores Surf Trip:

– Taxi transfer from/to S. Jorge Airport to final destination and back;

– Shared room Accommodation with option of private bathroom;

– Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner;

– Surfboard &Wetsuit;

– 5 Surf coaching sessions & video assistance;

– Mountain down hill hiking session of 3 hours;

Not Included:

  • Plane Tickets: You’ll need to arrange your own flights to the Azores and to São Jorge.

What to Expect on Our Surf Trip

Each day, we’ll start with a delicious breakfast. Then, we’ll head out to the surf for two hours of instruction. After lunch, we’ll have plenty of time to relax, explore the island, or surf some more. In the evenings, we’ll enjoy delicious dinners and socialize with our fellow surfers.

Who Should Join Us?

This surf trip is due to surfers of experienced levels. If you’re looking for an unforgettable surf experience, then this is the trip for you!

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