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Baleal Surf Camp Peniche Portugal Prime location for value surf holidays in Peniche Portugal. Since 1993
Wave guarantee - The amazing surfing options Surf Spots Map in Peniche and Baleal. Consistent surf year round provides a wave guarantee for surfers travelling to Peniche, Portugal.
Surf Centre - Beach front location Surf Centre of Baleal Surf Camp. Structure located on Cantinho da Baía surf spot where surf equipment is kept and participants meet for surf courses.
Exclusive Concession - Reserved learn to surf beach Exclusive Concessioned Beach for Surf Classes and Courses. Permit issued by Peniche Harbour Captancy exclusively for Baleal Surf Camp Surf Lessons and Courses.
Quality Surf Classes - High quality surf instruction, our choice Quality surf lessons are one of the goals of Baleal Surfcamp Peniche Portugal.
Bar do Bruno: Beach bar vibe guarantee Bar do Bruno at Baleal beach is our beach vibe guarantee...check it out
Peniche Portugal Surf Capital Peniche: Read brief history, today's activities and future of Peniche. The importance of surfing in recent development of Peniche.
Baleal, Peniche's Surfing Centre Baleal is Peniche main surfing area. Home to the original surfcamp in Portugal, Baleal is home to several surfcamps today.
Western Portugal A land of vineyards and sea, the West of Portugal features beautiful countryside and ever-present sea at many of its Counties. Tradition and modern come toghether in a surf plenty back drop.
Weather Statistics for Western Portugal Portugal has Mediterranean temperate climate. A Mediterranean temperate climate features hot summers and relatively mild winters, with hardly any summer rain.
Traveling to Portugal and Peniche Traveling tips to get to Portugal and Peniche. Closest airports, bus connections and shuttle service.
Hostel Accommodation Baleal, Peniche The Surf House Hostel and Village House Hostel are budget accommodation options in Baleal, Peniche
Apartments Rooms Peniche Baleal Apartments in Baleal, Peniche. Accommodation within walking distance from the beach and several surf spots in Baleal.
Baleal Surfcamp - What to expect! The Baleal Surf Camp concept and reality. The vibe, activities and features of a Beach Front Location Surf Camp and Surf School in Baleal, Peniche.
Surf Camp - Beginner Surf Lessons Itinerary Beginner Surf Course Itinerary - What you'll learn, an example video and photos.
Surf Camp - Intermediate Surf Lessons Itinerary Intermediate Surf Lessons Itinerary - What you'll learn, an example video and some photos
Baleal Surf Camp Team-Meet the staff The Baleal Surf Camp Team is a mix of local and international people from all over the world. See who welcomes you at the Camp!
Eco Room Environmental Awareness Environmental actions sponsored by Baleal Surf Camp: Beach cleanup, recycling, saving water.
Massage at Baleal Surf Camp - Peniche Portugal Book a massage with Zuzana at Baleal Surf Camp. A Massage is a perfect way to relax, not only after surfing. Book and enjoy!
Family Surf Camp Special Surf Camp Weeks Designed For Families
Yoga & Surf Special Camps at Baleal Surf Camp Yoga-Surf Camp organized by Baleal Surf Camp in Peniche. Spring and Autumn dates available. Also book your weekly lesson!
Girls Only Surf Week in Peniche, Portugal Special Surf Camp Week for Girls Only - in Baleal Surf Camp Peniche, Portugal
PENICHE SURF SCHOOL Baleal Surfcamp's Surf School is located in Baleal beach. This is Peniche and Portugal's Best Location For Surf Lessons
Surf School in Baleal, Peniche - Portugal Our Surf School operates autonomously with its own body of teachers and is independent from the Surf Camp. We are located in Baleal beach at the Cantinho da Baía surf spot in Peniche, Portugal
Certified Surf School - Quality Surf Lessons Our Surf School is properly licenced from Peniche Harbour Captaincy and Portuguese Surfing Federation.
Surf School - Beginner Surf Course As a beginner, we teach you the basics of surf as a sport. You’re supposed to be able to swim. Even if you’ve never seen the sea before, we guarantee that we will make you stand on a board and be able to surf a wave. That is our commitment and our mission.
Surf School - Intermediate Surf Classes At this level, you’re supposed to have surfed before and to be able to stand on the board on most of your attempts. You’re also supposed to be able to paddle up to the waves, which should not exceed one metre or, at the most, not rise further than your chest. At this stage in your progress, you will learn to take the drop when surfing green waves and to descend to the base of the wave.
Surf School - Surf Courses and Surf Equipment Rentals Surf School Surf Courses and Equipment Hire Rates and Prices
Social Awareness Activites by Baleal Surfcamp Every year Baleal Surfcamp organizes in with Social Solidarity Institutions voluntary Surf Baptisms in Peniche for impaired or social problematic children. It's a Social Awereness of which we proud ourselves.
Children & Teenager Surf Lessons Children and Teenager Surf Lessons & Surf Courses @ Baleal Surf Camp in Peniche Portugal
Peniche & Baleal Surf Spots Peniche and Baleal Surf Spots Map. Click on each spot for further details about each surf spot.
Surfing Seasons in Peniche Description of the year round surf seasons of Peniche, Baleal and Western Portugal
Events Events held at Baleal Surf Camp Surf Centre on Cantinho da Baía Surf Spot
Fatum Surfboards Discount Fatum Surfboards Discount 5% for Baleal Surfcamp Guest's
Surf & Party & Region Photos of Peniche and Baleal Surf & Party & Region Photos of Peniche and Baleal
Packages - Surf & Accommodation Solutions Available surf packages: accommodation + surf course + surf equipment; accommodation + surf equipment and accommodation only.
Packages & Price List Packages & Price List of Baleal Surfcamp
Contract Terms & Conditions Contract and Terms & Conditions Applicable at Baleal Surfcamp
Shutlle transfer Service Shutlle transfer Service Conditons and Price.