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Peniche Surf - Wave Guarantee


Whether you’re searching for world class barrels, fun beach breaks or long, peeling reef rides Baleal and Peniche offer the widest range of waves to meet your surfing needs.

With North, South and West facing coastlines just minutes apart the Baleal and Peniche Peninsulas enjoy a unique aspect of the Atlantic Ocean swell and surf potential.

Here in Peniche the geography allows you to easily work around the surf and wind conditions to find the right waves for you and Baleal Surf Camp is located right at the heart of this surfing guarantee.


Peniche & Baleal Surf Spots Map - Click for more details
Peniche and Baleal Peninsulas and main surf spots and surf areas.


The Peniche Península and Baleal Peninsula is probably the most consistent surfing spot in all Europe.

With a large variety of wave types on sandy or rocky bottomed beaches, there are over 30 surf-spots along this small 20 Km strip.

Supertubos, the Queen surf spot in Peniche
Supertubos, the Queen surf spot in Peniche.

We describe herein some of the best known surf spots in Peniche and Baleal areas. There are many more. It is up to you to find them. Click on the map's surf spots or check these links for some insight on surf spots in Peniche region: Porto Batel,ConsolaçãoSupertubosMolhe LesteCerrosBaíaCantinho da BaíaPrainhaLagidoAlmagreiraBelgas.





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