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Beginner Surf Course - Level 1

As a beginner, our surf course will teach you the basics of surf as a sport. You’re supposed to be able to swim. Even if you’ve never seen the sea before, we guarantee that we will make you stand on a board and be able to surf a wave. That is our commitment and our mission.

You will learn how to handle the board in the water, where you should position yourself at sea, how to lie on the board, how to paddle to catch your waves, and how to stand. You will also learn techniques to clear the break-point and surge to the crest of the wave.


Beginner surf course in Peniche, Portugal


Undoubtedly, this is the major stage in the process of learning to surf. It is essential that you consolidate these early skills in order to correctly develop your surfing skills and to be able to grow in the future.

Beginner First Surf Lesson at Baleal, Peniche

One of the most
relevant issues is also learning how to read the condition of the sea, since it is the sea you’ll be surfing. It is also essential to learn about safety rules to prevent any type of accident. Only this way you will be able to enjoy the unique sensation of being able “to glide on the sea being powered by a wave” in all tranquillity.




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Video Beginner Surf Course of Baleal Surf Camp