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Advanced Surf Training

This course if for surfers who are able to catch green waves, drop and turn, both frontside and backside. They must already have mastered the board and the waves.

With the advanced surf training, you will learn the essence of surfing and you’ll be able to progress a step further. In modern surf, the key to performance lays on a surfer’s ability to generate speed while riding the wave. How to gain such speed and at what part of a wave are you at, are key skills that must be honed to perfection. We will also teach you to adapt your surfing style to the features of the wave you’re riding, i.e., to be able to read and “manage” the wave, and thus to take maximum advantage of its potential, whether it is a beach break, a reef break, or a point break.

Advanced surfschool student riding a wave in Baleal


Once you have developed your ability to gain speed, there are a series of manoeuvres to learn, such as the floater, off-the-lip, cutback, and snap manoeuvres, tubing, aerial moves and other, which enable you to “hit” the wave in such a way as to take the most advantage of its features.

How to perform certain manoeuvres to overtake a section that is closing up, to ride above or within it, trying always to surf the wave’s pocket, i.e., the area where the wave is strongest and generates the most speed, are all goals that require a lot of practice and much perseverance. Therefore, we frequently monitor you on video at this level, which becomes an essential instrument for reviewing and correcting the mistakes and posture of a pupil or surfer. We operate in association with surfboard manufacturers who have long years of experience in this field and can also advise you and follow up on the selection of the most adequate board for you.




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Video Advanced Surf Training of Baleal Surf Camp