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Meet the team of the Surfschool

The team of the Surfschool right in front of the beach is ready to to give you surflessons and/or surfequipment. The team of the Surfcamp closely works together with the team of the Surfschool. Have a look and meet the team of Baleal Surf Camp's Surfschool!


Tiago Farto surfcoach team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp Tiago Farto surfing at Baleal

Beeing a local from Peniche, Portugal and on the way to become a seapilot, Tiago knows a lot about the sea and its conditions. He manages the Surfschool at Baleal Surf Camp since 4 years and sails in Portuguese water when he finds the time for it. „For me it’s the good energy and the friendly people that make it very pleasant to be in Baleal.“



Florian Plachesi manager surfschool team surfcschool Baleal Surf Camp 

Florian works as Surfschool Manager and keeps this place in order eventhough he describes himself to be a bit messy sometimes. It’s his second year after 2011 in Baleal, where he loves to surf when the waves are pumping during sunset. Something he never gets back home in Basel, Switzerland.


Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Instructor

Dany Coias SUP surfinstructor Baleal Surf Camp sup coach dany coias surfing at baleal with baleal surf camp

It's Dany's first year here and also the first time that you can book SUP lessons at Baleal Surf Camp. Dany is a local from S. Pedro de Moel, near Nazaré and has been practising SUP since several years. Besides this he's been a 
Surfer and Life Guard for more than twenty years and therefore knows a lot about the ocean.






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